About Us

About Us

While we are located close to the UT campus, we are first and foremost a family church. Moreover, Austin Gatherings is a Bible church for conscientious believers who love righteousness, lay hold on eternal things, and who want all of Christ’s spiritual promises! 

Our focus is closeness to God (Jesus Christ) through the Word of God & prayer.  (Acts 6:4).
We believe that spiritual power and personal joy, (akin to closeness to God) is a development relative to the degrees of our personal prayer life (hot or cold);   Likewise, real overcoming, and persevering faith comes from our degree of willingness to attend to, (and hear), the full counsel of God’s Holy Word including heaven, hell, salvation, sanctification, purity, holiness, and all other of God’s precepts. 

Our focus is love and good works.  (Heb 10:24).   Here, our pastors, and our loving family of believers will minister grace unto you, watch for your soul, pray continually for your welfare, exhort you to good works, and provoke you to love.  And, so much the more, as we see the day approaching!

Our focus is family refuge.   (Num 35:15).  Spiritually minded fathers, mothers, children, and students find Austin Gatherings to be a haven of rest and a “city of refuge” for Christian fellowship. And sometimes, we are a home church away from home!   Consequently, for mature Christians who want to be a role model, there are abundant opportunities here to minister to one another (and, to the lost sheep) as God raises up men and women of prayer, soul winners, and church leadership from within.

What else should I know before I come?  Those who feel most comfortable in Christ’s real Church are those who are eternally minded and altogether sold out for Christ:   those who faithfully pray, fast, come, give, serve, win souls, and join in the work:   those who crave a Holy Ghost revival of thousands and ten thousands (Psalms 144:12-15):   and, those who believe that God’s heart still desires to save, and convert, multitudes of souls and prodigals in these last days.   Please come and visit on our next scheduled meeting, or contact Pastor Mark at austingatherings@gmail.com.

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