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Why the KJV Bible?

In John 6:63, Jesus says “the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life.”  The Bible is our sole source of spiritual life (1 Pet 1:23) and it has been preserved by God himself according to Psalms 12:6-7.


In Genesis, when the serpent said “hath God said?” he didn’t just attack God’s words, but he attacked faith in God’s words. Today, the word of God is still under attack as many dozens of new modern Bible versions are being published every decade; and, since they say different things, they cannot all be true.


One of the best ways to compare the King James Version against modern versions is to judge, and relate, their influence on true FAITH in a believer.  I won’t use the approach of many KJV defenders by using historical manuscript evidence comparisons and other extra-biblical references. (While, I am not discounting these evidences, they are sometimes laborious to validate).  To that end, I use ONLY widely known, easily verifiable, and irrefutable faith building facts about the KJV.  For example, it is commonly known that:

  1. The KJV is one of  the few Bibles that has NO copyright.  (And, I am not currently aware of any other Bible version that does not have a copyright).
  2. In all history the KJV remains the world’s most-printed/best-selling book.
  3. The KJV was singularly used by God to manifest the most unparalleled and greatest revivals in the world’s history (1611 to 1890′s).


Regarding true “FAITH in the Word,” let’s consider the scriptural principles found in these astounding verses:

  • Heb 11:6 “without faith it’s impossible to please him;”
  • Rom 10:17 “faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God;”
  • Luke 4:4 “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word of God,” and,
  • Psa 62:11 “God hath spoken once.”


From these scriptures, we see that the only way to please God is by “faith;” and the only way to get faith is by “hearing” the word of God; and, if you are spiritually alive (born again), God has already made every word available to you.


To develop genuine Bible faith that pleases God, you must embrace “every Word” of God regardless of whether or not you like or dislike it’s content.  Because of this fact, we can no longer say things like: “I don’t like the way ’my version’ expresses John 3:36, and since I like it (and understand it) better in the NIV, I believe the NIV is correct for this particular verse!”   Many sincere Christians are making this trajic mistake and treating God’s Word as a “buffet line” where they select what they like, and ignore what they don’t like.  Unfortunately, this “cafeteria mentality” does NOT promote true Bible faith – but modern man-centered opinions.  With all due respect to anyone doing this, the inspiration and accuracy of God’s word is not influenced by our level of understanding nor by our preferences.  It is simply God’s Word because he both spoke it, and preserved it, once.  And, since God only spoke once, His Word isn’t open to any of our choices or opinions.


So here is my main point:  To be consistent, you must recognize the authority of every jot, tittle, and verse in YOUR Bible version and obey it “as written” in YOUR Bible version.  Don’t misunderstand me,  none of the modern versions even come close to the perfection and power of the King James Version, and I am NOT at all suggesting that you use a modern version.   (To be clear, I only use and suggest using the Authorized KJV 1611).   What I am saying though, is that every sincere Christian who wants to please God should stop using multiple Bibles, and either embrace the KJV exclusively, or alternatevely place ALL OF THEIR FAITH in every single Word of the Bible version that they currently possess (even if is NOT the King James Version)!  Why?  Because according to Hebrews 11:6, Rom 10:17, and Mat 4:4, believing every word of your Bible implicitly will elevate your faith to a level that WILL please God.  Anything else  – will NOT!


Sadly, out of the hundreds of  modern-Bible-users that we have encountered over the years, precious few stand firmly on their modern version.  For those of you who DO stand firmly, and exclusively, on your modern Bible version, I applaude you wholeheartedly!   At very least, you have the potential to please God in a life of WORD Bible faith!   To all others, my  question to you is, “where do you stand on your current Bible version?”  “Do you believe your current version to be your final authority for ALL faith and practice?”   If you can’t answer “my Bible version is my final authority for faith and practice,” your faith is under attack!


Finally, regardless of what Bible you use, I sincerely love each one of you very much and pray that God will open your understanding and increase your faith in His wonderful Holy Word!


As for the KJV Bible, its unparalleled fruit and powerful testimony make it the supreme authority for English speaking people today.