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(558) AaronSWETE
Sat, 3 February 2018 11:10:28 +0000

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(557) KennethFug
Sat, 3 February 2018 10:30:19 +0000

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Sat, 3 February 2018 10:28:00 +0000

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(555) Bragoswague
Sat, 3 February 2018 10:15:30 +0000

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How do you feel today? Horrible :-(
(554) AaronSWETE
Sat, 3 February 2018 10:15:18 +0000

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(553) Mamukvam
Sat, 3 February 2018 10:08:28 +0000

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How do you feel today? Could be better
(552) AaronSWETE
Sat, 3 February 2018 10:01:10 +0000

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(551) AaronSWETE
Sat, 3 February 2018 09:53:22 +0000

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(550) AaronSWETE
Sat, 3 February 2018 09:44:59 +0000

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(549) KennethFug
Sat, 3 February 2018 09:42:57 +0000

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