What To Expect

What to Expect

WHAT IS THE CHURCH ENVIRONMENT LIKE?  Located at the University Towers Plaza , you can expect a warm, friendly, spiritual environment, Here, Austin based families and UT students come to seek truth and a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  In every meeting you’ll be exposed to deep biblical concepts and a manifest understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior.  In our services, you can expect a focus on prayer, biblical preaching, biblical teaching, exhortation, edification, and good Christian fellowship.   All of our meetings are timely and well-structured and the fellowship is set in a warm-hearted, family environment.   Take a virtual tour HERE!


IS THERE FREE PARKING?   Yes, there is free validated parking.  Just park in the parking garage positioned atop the building in which Austin Gatherings is located.  Drive into the garage using the Pearl Street entrance.   Now, just park in any unreserved space within the garage and take the elevator down to the ground floor.   Voila, you’re here!   We’ll validate your parking for free!.



Sunday at 12:00 pm:   We pray, and enjoy pastor-led, spiritually inspired sermons.

Sunday at 3:00 pm:   We pray, and savor Jesus’ death, burial, and glorious resurrection in our remembrance service at the Lord’s table (AND spiritually inclined members of Austin Gatherings  [not just the Pastor]   prepare, and deliver, biblical messages to exhort one another in an open meeting format).

Thursday at 6:00 pm:   We pray, and seek spiritual revival in an extended season of prayer (AND spiritually inclined members of Austin Gatherings  [not just the Pastor]  prepare and deliver biblical messages to exhort one another in an open meeting format).

Friday at 6:00 pm:   We pray, and have a round-table Bible study based on a Q&A format where you can ask questions and get answers to your most perplexing life questions.


WHAT TO WEAR?    For our church members, we recommend absolute modesty every day of the week.   Typically, our members (whether men or women) wear simple, modest, loose fitting attire.   One does NOT have to “dress up” for our services unless you wish to do so.   However, all Christians should be properly clad so that you do not draw attention to yourself either by being too revealing, too tight-fitting, too ostentatious, or otherwise church inappropriate.

            *** If you are a first time visitor, please just do your best to be modest within the constraints of your current wardrobe (please don’t let a limited wardrobe be a reason for NOT coming to get spiritual help)!


WHAT TO BRING?   Just bring yourself, a Bible, an open mind (Acts 17:11), and a friend.   If you do not own a Bible we have giveaway Bibles for those who need one.   We do not sell bibles, but if you are planning on obtaining one, we highly recommend the Authorized King James Version 1611 (KJV-1611).   The Cambridge University Press is probably the best publisher in terms of biblical accuracy.


OFFERINGS & DONATIONS?   Every Austin Gatherings church member should heartily support the church financially since you are HERE “being fed with spiritual things” (1 Cor 9:11, 2 Cor 9:6-9).   Inside the church building, members can privately deposit their freewill offerings into the box labeled “OFFERING BOX” located in the back of our church auditorium, adjacent to the main entrance.   Alternatively, anyone can send their offerings, or donations, by U.S. Mail.
Checks should be made out to “Austin Gatherings” and mailed to:

                          AUSTIN GATHERINGS
                          715 W. 23RD STREET, SUITE 23-D
                          AUSTIN, TX 78705.

Or you may give securely online by clicking below:

NOTICE:  New visitors (especially non-Christian visitors) are NEVER obligated, pressured, or otherwise solicited to make any offerings or donations of any sort:   Austin Gatherings NEVER passes an offering plate at any of our church services.


OTHER QUESTIONS?    If you still have questions or would like more information about the Church, feel free to call Pastor Mark at (512) 538-4418.