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These are life-saving Resources

As a courtesy, AGC is compiling a list of helpful resources for Christian edification. If you have any seriousness in your soul for eternity, you owe it to yourselves to listen, watch, and bookmark these resources.

Lester Roloff (Preaching 24/7 Stream)

Welcome to the Family Altar Radio Audio Stream of Lester Roloff’s preaching!  We trust the preaching of the Word will be a blessing and encouragement to you.  

Brother Roloff’s entire life was invested in the preaching of the Gospel and ministering to people in trouble – those he compassionately described as “the least, the lost, and the lonely.” He ministered to inmates in jail, established homes for those struggling with addictions, and also helped others start resident programs around the country. Many of these ministries are still helping people in trouble today. Brother Roloff had a heart for missions. The last ministry he founded, Regeneration Reservation, was established to reach America’s “first mission field” – the American Indians.


Leonard Ravenhill's (Sermon Treasure Chest)

Leonard Ravenhill was an evangelist born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 1907 and was used by God in revivals in Great Brittan before moving to American in 1950. Leonard was known for his focus on revival and his writing on the subject including the popular title, Why Revival Tarries. He preached in churches of many denominations but was not ordained by any. His preaching is marked by calling sinners to repentance, insisting Christians live lives marked by holiness, and encouraging deeper prayer lives. Brother Leonard became one of the twentieth century's greatest authorities on revival. He rarely spoke of himself which is likely a reflection of his belief in exalting Christ and not-self. Most of what we know about Ravenhill is from sources that knew him and the details he provided in sermons. 


The Bridegroom cometh (PODCASTS & more)

The Rose & Lily Podcast provides old and cherished Christian perspectives and real Bible doctrines. These animated podcasts are dainty treats that our blind Laodicean generation will scarcely ever taste. Our AGC website hosts these podcasts, but you must visit their website for the other hidden treasure.

Aside from the cherished Rose & Lily podcasts, their topical Bible library sweetens the experience. This resource will be especially important to the heartfelt Christian espoused to one husband who seeks to be a chaste virgin to Christ! Along with this spiritual handiwork, Rose & Lily have also created a compendium of other resources that are sure to make you homesick for heaven and bless you for an eternity. 

This website will surely perfume, refresh, and sweeten your eternal view of our lovely Lord Jesus Christ for a thousand thousand years!